Starting Online Store with WordPress + WooCommerce

Do you have any products or services which you want to sell? In this topic, you will learn how to make an online store using wordpress and WooCommerce by which you can sell your services and products online.

Now firstly you should know what actually WooCommerce is. It’s a top free plugin that converts a WordPress website into customizable online store.
WooCommerce provides the complete basic functionality of a store, with a free and open source plugin which is available for all the user’s. While it has hundreds of available extensions and it offers a lot of fantastic functionalities which you can get by their website.

Why we choose WooCommerce?

We always prefer WooCommerce because of its following brilliant functionalities,

User Friendly: It is extra fast, easy to use and manage.

Scalable: It can be used for both small and large businesses.

Ensures security: It protects your data from other business parties. It also secures the transaction data between the customer and you.

Audited by Sucuri: It is audited by Sucuri which ensures that it always work according to the coding standards and best practices of WordPress.

A vast and ever-growing global community: It has more than 350 contributors and currently have more than 1 million installations.

Well-documented: It provides complete and easy documentation that cover a broad range of topics which helps you regarding any query.

A lot of free and paid extensions. It has a large number of free and paid extensions, which allows you to customize your WooCommerce with a wide range of features and functionalities.

Installing WooCommerce

You can install the woocommerce plugin by the following easy steps, which we usually follow to install a plugin.

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