Future of website design: will web design change?

We can just make guess about our lives (which can turn out wrong also). On the other hand, website design is predicted through the upcoming changes and trends in the digital world. There is nothing written or there is no hard and fast rules, a close study of the market and it’s factors can lead us to an actionable insight into what future can bring to the table.

We have carefully reached the internet to bring you accurate and quality content. Here are some evolutionary materials from which one can expect web design to entail.

Integration of AI and Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence is the most controversial topic of our generation in this era. The potentials it holds for a few people can seem to increase benefits we derive from it today. Nevertheless, until machines grab the world, AI is going to play a great role in deciding the web designs in future.

Immersive 3D Visuals

Although visuals are making their place in the most aggressive manners, but its complete adoption is still out of question. Web VR cumulative system upgrades made a reality a bit difficult to reach to be considered in the near future.

An experience through 3D graphics has taken attention. We are discussing about a website that shall take up the entire screen to merge the digital and physical experiences.

Integration of Data Science

The website is not one-stop-shop for brand now. In a world of connected devices and the IoT, all parts of the system are integrated to deliver the best CX for all users.

Website design will build on the excess influx of data by in cooperating analytical tools and adapting changing environments on a concurrent basis. Web designers and Data scientist will work in one box, to collaborate and communicate in a synergistic manner.

Pageless Websites

Pageless websites is the alternative variation of web design where instead of having many pages, the website is one single endless scroll. The concept is taken from social media platforms which are known for their addictive engagement and engaging UI.

With only one page in place, web designers target would be looking at blazing speeds, narrative site structures, and auto-responsive websites. The fluency and flow of the website elements is the most crucial point to keep the bounce rates from going off the statistics.

Voice Interface

Google Assistant, Alexa, and Moz have their own following and guidelines now. Designers have adopted a system where a simple voice command fetches them the results they want. Website design will adopt this conversational approach in the layout process and the content also. It would be a complete new phase of all the fundamentals that the concept is upon. FAQs and Long-tail keywords will form the basic content strategy that breaks the traditional manners of website design.


The world of technology is too fast to keep a check on everything. In this system, the future of websites will be user-oriented completely. A radical rethinking is required now to implement communications at every touch point so that the user feels technological as a part of their reality.

These things summarize one thing, the future is open to interpretation.

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